Nya bilder från Mike Lerner

"Me and Bieber on the set of the Jimmy Fallon show"

Justin och Jessica Tyler

Justin with Jessica Tyler

Beliebers VS directioners!


Justin Bieber introducing Carly on Daybreak!

Lil Twist: Life As Lil Twist (Episode 5)

Justin är med från 7:09

‘Ridiculousness’ Season 2 Trailer


Happy Birthday Pattie! We love you

Sh*t Justin Bieber says!

Justin Bieber is Tyler, The Creator’s “Dawg”

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HQ video: Punk’d

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Nytt klipp från Punk'd!

Punk'D | Friends with no benefits

 Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on punk’d
 Justin Bieber on Punk’d

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Carly Rae Jepsen pratar om Justin

2.3 - Justins födelsedags fest!

 another picture from justin bieber’s birthday party

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