Taylor Swift pratar om Selena!

Taylor is the cover of a well-known magazine in Brazil called Capricho and besides talking about Brazil, new record and other stuff, she talks about her friendship with Sel!

Capricho: You have a lot of well-known friends. But who is your best friends?
Taylor: It’s impossible to choose just one. I’m close to all of them! My group of best friends includes Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Dianna Agron and Abigail, a friend from high school.
Capricho: Why is Selena so special to you?'
Taylor: She is, truly, the best friend anyone could ask for. She’s so trustworthy, never judges you and knows how to listen. We’ve been friends for four years and she has been through so much with me that I can say we’re almost sisters. Besides that, Selena gives wonderful gifts! When she’s travelling or shooting a movie, if she finds something she knows I’m gonna like, she buys it for me. That’s one of the sweetest things about her. It’s really cute.
Capricho: What was the best present you got from her?
Taylor: She gave me a clock once! It’s beautiful, and antique. I placed at the entrance of my house, so that I’ll get reminded everyday of how good she is with gifts!

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